Exercise & Relaxation


  • Exercise.  This was also very hard for me.  I am the queen of buying exercise DVD’s and the laziest when it comes to using them.  I had started doing Zumba when I was diagnosed.  After my surgery, I started walking and now really enjoy that.  Find something you like and stick with it.  I try to walk 2 miles/day at least 5 days a week.  I am still working on this goal, but I know I need to.
  • Use relaxation techniques.  I downloaded Bellaruth Naspare’s cancer meditation.There are many such products on the market.  I bought myself an IPOD NANO and use it when I walk.
  •  Massage and aromatherapy for relaxing and rejuvenating immune system Yoga and mediation help to and strengthen your body's own immune system.
  • Visualization - this cannot be over emphasized - stimulating the body’s own defenses read Peace Love and Healing by Bernie Siegel, Published by Rider London